Grass, alfalfa, oats and clover

Consumption times:

. Early spring.

.20 to 25 days after the first use.

. After each harvest: 5-7 liters per hectare.


Irrigate the land no later than 48 hours after fertilization.


. The goal is to deliver the recommended amount of humic substances to the plant roots.

Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and animal waste by at least 30% by using Aslan Humic.

Consumption of seeds
Before sowing, mix the seeds of each crop with 1.5 to 2 liters of Aslan Humic for 100 kg of seeds to be completely impregnated with it, then place the seeds in the open air to dry. Then dissolve 1 liter of humic acid in 10 liters of water and use the above solution next to each 100 cc seed tube.
Sprinkler irrigation
Dissolve and fertilize 2-3 liters of Aslan Humic per 1000 square meters of land in the amount of water used in the last 30 minutes of irrigation. 30 minutes is the best time to transfer the active ingredients of Aslan Humic to the roots of plants and it is well absorbed by soil and roots.
In alfalfa, oat and clover fields
Before sowing the seeds, to prepare the soil, mix 1-2 liters of humic acid per 1000 square meters of land and spray it on the soil.