Bean fields, beans, peas, bafla, lentils and similar products

Consumption times:

.Stage 4-6 leafy plants: 4-6 liters in the ground.

.podding stage:4-6 liters in the ground.

.Seed filling stage: 6-8 liters per field.


.Irrigate the land no later than 48 hours after fertilization.


. The goal is to deliver the recommended amounts of humic substances to the plant roots.

Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and animal waste by at least 30% by using Aslan Humic.

Consumption of seeds
Before sowing, mix the seeds of each crop with 1.5 to 2 liters of Aslan Humic to be completely impregnated with it, then place the seeds in the open air to dry.
Rainfed farms
Plant after sowing. Then, after 10 to 15 days (when the plant grows), fertilize with urea (nitrogen) fertilizer. Then spray 300 kg of granular humic fertilizer per 1000 square meters of land. The humic in the granules is gradually released and causes the plant to grow. Also, due to the water adsorption properties of humic granules (Aslan humic is able to absorb and retain water up to 20 times its weight), the farm under dryland cultivation absorbs a large amount of water after receiving the first rain and is available over time. Puts the soil and roots of the plant.
Traditional irrigation (flooding)
Add 1-2 liters of Aslan Humic per 1000 square meters of land to the main water of the farm to be absorbed through small streams of soil and roots.