Servin Asia Agricultural Industries Company in order to produce organic products, having arable lands under cultivation of various crops with an area of ​​about 2000 hectares in the provinces of West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan and Kermanshah and in terms of geographical location close to neighboring Turkey, many years of organic company Has used and in terms of obtaining the desired results from the products of this company has decided to import on a large scale so that other respected farmers can also benefit from the benefits of this black gold of the new agricultural industry.

This company, in cooperation with the scientific and research company organiksa (the largest and most reputable producer of organic fertilizers in Turkey), imports and produces organic fertilizers, including: - Liquid humic acid, granular humic fertilizer, various organic mineral fertilizers and amino acids under Asalan Humic brand (Aslan Humic) has taken a step towards the development of organic farming industry.

For the first time in the country, the company aims to produce organic products while maintaining and improving the quality of agricultural soils and using the power and knowledge of local experts and the experience of many years of the Turkish company to supply a wide range of humic acid in leading countries. In agriculture, it plays an important role in increasing the yield and quality of various crops. Sarvin Asia Agricultural Industries Company, with experienced and trained agricultural specialists and engineers in this field, to provide humic acid product with the highest possible quality in line with international standards and the best materials. The most basic and efficient packaging and distribution system in all parts of the country and with full scientific and professional support and sending trained experts to the farms from the beginning of cultivation to harvest, accompanies farmers and tries to solve all issues and problems related to To provide the necessary services. Due to the facing of our dear country with the increasing problem of water shortage and drought and rapid erosion of agricultural soils and considering the huge impact of humic acid against our salinity and drought stress as a production, research Farmer Sarvin Ace Or we hope to take a small step in the quantitative and qualitative self-sufficiency of the country in the production of agricultural products and move towards the world agricultural industry and play a role in the food health of society by helping to produce products with organic quality. Also, in line with the development of domestic industry, significant measures have been taken to export to neighboring countries.