Code: ASLAN26L

26 Liters Liquid Aslan Humic

Aslan Humic 26 liter liquid contains 12% of humic acid and folic acid, a weak organic acid with many capabilities that help absorb elements to the plant, prevent leaching and loss. When humic acid is added to the clay, it breaks the tuber and allows increased water permeability and better root growth. When added to sandy soils, humic acid adds essential organic matter to retain water. Therefore, it improves root growth and increases the ability of sandy soils to preserve and not wash away the plant's vital nutrients. Aslan Humic is a complete organic fertilizer that is used in all crops, gardens and greenhouses.

  1. Corrects soil structure and granulation.
  2. Increases soil dewatering capacity (ability to hold water up to 20 times its own weight).
  3. Accelerates cell division, thereby accelerating plant growth and development.
  4. Increases plant resistance to dehydration, salinity and cold.
  5. Accelerates root formation and growth, and by accelerating the formation of root membrane cells, many nutrients are absorbed by the plant.
  6. It causes the plant to germinate and bloom faster.
  7. Neutralizes acidic and alkaline soils and corrects soil pH by removing excess salts and lime.
  8. Soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) reaches the highest possible level.
  9. It increases the efficiency of other fertilizers and increases the efficiency by preventing the loss of nutrients, especially nitrate.
  10. The efficiency of one liter of Aslan Humic is equal to 8 tons of animal manure.
  11. By acting as a natural chelator, it makes the macro and micro elements of the soil absorbable to the plant.
  12. It thickens the cell wall of the fruit (crop), thus increasing storage time in the warehouse and cold storage.

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Total organic matter 15%
Total humic acid + folic acid 12%
potassium 2%

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